Writing, Editing, Graphic Arts

Welcome to the WilliardWorks site! We offer comprehensive communications and related services. We provide writing, editing, graphics arts and project management services to organizations and corporate clients as well as government agencies.

Ray Allard

Ray Allard is a printmaker, poet, teacher, novelist and cartoonist. He received his BFA in Studio Art at the University of Minnesota, and holds Master degrees in Education and Printmaking.  His extensive travels abroad have inspired his writings and artwork. He has taught Art, Cultural History, and English for 16 years.

Gerri Williams

Gerri Williams is an experienced print and radio communicator, editor, interviewer, and researcher.  A former U.S. Foreign Service Officer, she specializes in settings requiring adaptability, cultural sensitivity, and critical judgment. She advocates, educates, and develops message impact and outcomes through multiple media. Her additional skills include audio editing and event coordination.  


Key interests and competencies: environmental issues; migration; community media and advocacy.