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1) Easier access to form new political parties and/or reform existing ones
-Reform the DNC(Endorsing and supporting progressive candidates)
within/Instant runoff voting/
Grassroots/MN groups:
Common Cause MN
League of Women Voters MN
Politicians/groups with political party ties:
Our Revolution
Sister District Project
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"Justice Denied: The Case of Leo Frank at 100 Years"

A presentation and film screening at Temple Israel
May 7, 2015 - 7pm

 Leo Frank was a Jewish man accused of the brutal murder of Mary Phagan, a young laborer in his Atlanta factory, in 1913. Frank’s trial and subsequent lynching two years later garnered nationwide notoriety and protest.
 The failings of the American justice system and issues of race and religion that the Frank events encompass are in stark evidence in the daily headlines. 

Gerri Interviews NPR Environment Producer-Host Steve Curwood

"People of Color" guest host Gerri Williams interviews Steve Curwood, executive producer and host of National Public Radio’s long-running environmental program, “Living on Earth.” Among other topics, Mr. Curwood discusses the little-known history of racial exclusion in the environmental movement, and why people of color should assume a more prominent role in this movement’s future. 


What’s the defensible use of an irreplaceable wetlands location that is home to endangered species and that borders on a pristine, federally-protected wilderness area? A giant foreign-owned mining company thinks it’s an ideal spot to establish an open-pit copper mine! With the clock ticking on a decision, Gerri interviews an attorney who critiques the proposed mine and explains what could happen next; she also talks with an investigative journalist who traveled the world to get the scoop on copper mines – and the environmental and economic legacy they leave behind.

“The Poison of Unspeakable Things”: Parade and the Leo Frank Case

This essay was written during the production run of "Parade," at the Ford's Theater, September 23-October 30, 2011. Another version appears on the Ford's website.

“The Poison of Unspeakable Things”: Parade and the Leo Frank Case
by Gerri Williams 

The Center for Sustainability

The Center for Sustainability combines the expertise and experience of Cooperative Extension educators to support, expand, and nourish the capabilities of DC residents to thrive. As part of the University of the District of Columbia’s College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability, and Environmental Science, the Center’s programs use both formal and non-formal education to foster practical skills as well as maintain the District’s natural well-being.

Water Resources Research Institute "Water Highlights," Vol. 5, No 1

This quarterly publication covers the research, teaching, and institutional partnership activities of the Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) at the University of the District of Columbia. WRRI activities focus on the uses, quality, and management of the water and aquatic life of the Anacostia River and Potomac River watersheds. WRRI is one of the 54 state water institutes established by the U.S. government's Water Resources Research Act of 1964.  
Writer and editor: Gerri Williams


The Grey (2012) - A Peak Oil Flicks Quick Take


Soylent Green


Soylent Green (1973) 

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