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A Little Natural Miracle

A Little Natural Miracle
            I witnessed a miracle today. Oh, this was no God-changing-nature supernatural thing. It’s too hard to swallow one of those water-into-wine fantasies. One does not need to see the Red Sea parted to follow a path. It was more a sign – or a message – of the dawning of a new season.

Where the Light Comes From

Where the Light Comes From
Sunday, January 18
Something a little more positive to begin the New Year:
I was recently overcome with a feeling of spiritual and – was it moral? – or ‘Service to Others’? – impotency. It is a regularly-occurring feeling of mine, but this had a specific source. I was reading the obituary notices in Friends Journal, the Quaker magazine, of Barbara Nokka.


SEASONAL THOUGHTS, End-of-Year Rant 2014

Visual Music

VISUAL MUSIC (July 1, 2014)

After enduring long days of oppressive, hopeless fog, sunrise finally arrived to the land. The warmth and the bright daylight reminded me of things I have said in the past, concerning the holiness, the sacristy of music in our lives. And Mother Nature always provides.

Once again, about beauty

I am sitting at a table in a coffee house, regarding a small vase with a couple of blossoms in it. The flowers before me are not concerned with being beautiful...their hunger is to follow their life's path to grow and reproduce. Their appearance is meant to facilitate that; beauty is something outside of their motive and purpose...as is most beauty outside of its owner.


May 13, 2014
I was at the Miller Hill Mall today. While waiting for my bus to take me back downtown, I regarded a forested hillside across the highway. There were no edifices among the crowded birch trunks and not-yet leafed trees. It was as if such a place, or awareness of it, with all its north country - Sigurd Olson - Lakota wisdom ramifications and deeper meanings should carry a message or some kind of revelation for me. But there was nothing.


            On December 6th, 2013, a great man named Nelson Mandela died, at the age of 95. I will not rehash his biography here. That is not my purpose. The media is doing a fine enough job of that anyway, and it is all well-deserved. In an age of George Bushes and Maggie Thatchers, and generally the entire dogpile of politicians of the era, he stood handily above them all as a world statesman.


            My folks raised me in the Roman Catholic church, and until I turned 22, reaching what George Carlin called “The Age of Reason”, I was practicing the sect with slowly diminishing enthusiasm. When I finally walked away, it was in full awareness of Catholicism’s less-than-stellar history, which included some of the recent popes.


            There is something I want to tell you here, and maybe you already think this message is true and obvious, but our recent experience moving out to Duluth from Washington DC makes me think it is important enough to say again.

DC Farewell

June 1, 2013
            Haven’t been saying much lately, but this is the Eve of our departure for Minnesota; (a week away) to seek retirement space. Friends and family out there anticipate us; they actually sound encouraging.

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