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          This may seem frivolous, but I admit to frivolity at times. I am embarking on a project, the finish of which I do not see yet. This project will satisfy a long desire to do something about this topic. I am planning to write a long essay (perhaps an illustrated book) about the value for each person, adult or child, of play. I am primarily concerned with the use of toys (as opposed to video games,) of both the self-constructed or the store-bought kind.

Integrity and the Arts Business

Integrity and the Arts Business
            I recently came across a copy of a letter I had sent to a friend in 1989. I wrote to him about the arts business, as lovingly reported by a now-defunct arts magazine that used to be published here in Washington DC, one of the nation’s major cultural treasure troves. For a time, I had contributed to this magazine.

The End of Things

            Look. It isn’t my intention to upset anyone, or ruin a perfectly beautiful day. I just think it’s necessary to speak of a couple of things.

Quaker Thought One

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) holds as a central tenant of belief that there is that of God in everybody. Is it thus incumbent on us to love everyone? I’m not sure. Some people do not make themselves too loveable. I don’t think it is our mandate to love everyone. I think it’s more of an attitude to have. I explain it this way.

Announcement of Artomatic Exhibit

Announcement of Exhibit
This is to let you know that I am participating, as one of 2000 artists, in ARTOMATIC 2012. The exhibit s taking place between opening day, May 18 through June 23. It is in a huge former government building in Crystal City, at 1851 South Bell Street, very close to the Metro. My exhibit is in a room near the elevator on the 4th floor, and I will be on-site at various and unpredictable times. In the future, I will post on the gallery here some of the prints not already here. This is my first time participating, and I am excited!

Notice of Exhibit

March 31, 2012
Readers of this blog are encouraged to view my print, "Duluth Harbor", part of the juried exhibit at MFA Circle Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland, until the end of April. It is the same print that is visible in my gallery file here. you can even view the entire show there by going to this link:
It' a good show, and I am honored to have been accepted there.

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