May 13, 2014
I was at the Miller Hill Mall today. While waiting for my bus to take me back downtown, I regarded a forested hillside across the highway. There were no edifices among the crowded birch trunks and not-yet leafed trees. It was as if such a place, or awareness of it, with all its north country - Sigurd Olson - Lakota wisdom ramifications and deeper meanings should carry a message or some kind of revelation for me. But there was nothing.
Perhaps I need to take more concentrated a chunk of time; divorce myself from the noisy effluvia of urban culture, before any thus settled spirit of mine could take in all the permutations. I am aware that I have never received such a sought-after message, except in my mind. I've never put myself in a wilderness space for just such an encounter. Or maybe I already have, in Quetico, on Isle Royale, or in the Porcupine Mountains and Lake of the Clouds. Or any other wilderness around the world where I have found myself.
Still, if so, I've never done so with purpose, seeking a spiritual encounter. I've had events, out there, but none intentional. Maybe I must. Maybe even at my age, it is time to look seriously for that grand connection, cry for that vision, find my totem.
It certainly seems that to do that I would (will) necessarily have to prepare myself. I would need to find and select a space. Because those woods today not yet awakened to Spring, spoke nothing to me.