Visual Music

VISUAL MUSIC (July 1, 2014)

After enduring long days of oppressive, hopeless fog, sunrise finally arrived to the land. The warmth and the bright daylight reminded me of things I have said in the past, concerning the holiness, the sacristy of music in our lives. And Mother Nature always provides.
I found myself sitting outside the clinic where I had an appointment scheduled. I was a bit troubled, as I knew what tests I was to undergo, and what they might reveal. And they wouldn’t be pleasant. I was in a courtyard, one that had been designed and sculpted with the intent to relax the spirit of one such as I, anticipating a difficult experience.
Before me was a stand of slim, small-leafed trees on a plot of vivid green grass, that some landscape architect had planted and groomed for the purpose. The architect knew what effect those trees would have, I expect; and it worked. Still, there was something else going on; some extra element.
One cannot regiment nature. These trees, bound and limited by their manicured situation, still answered to a natural orchestration that moved them. It was a vigorously breezy North Shore day, and their thin, flexible branches were moved by the wind. As I watched them undulate, the hundreds of thousands of small, individual leaves flickering in independent motion, I became aware of a message coming from the heart of life.
It was like a visual music, sacred in its own right. Its flow and rhythm played on my soul, as it would for anyone who was attuned to see it.
I felt as if I were a part of it; indeed, a part of everything all at once. It is an experience I have had before, but rarely. It is the consciousness of the unity of life, in the same way the understanding comes when I see a cohesive flickering of a flock of birds over the water. Sitting and watching this symphony, I knew I was of it and it was of me. In this noisy and concrete urban environment, I was aware of a sense of worship of life, and I was sitting in my church.
If you were to look down a stretch of the North Shore at that moment, you would have seen how all the trees between all the buildings of the city were stirred by the same breath. Our mother was speaking to us.