Gerri Interviews NPR Environment Producer-Host Steve Curwood

"People of Color" guest host Gerri Williams interviews Steve Curwood, executive producer and host of National Public Radio’s long-running environmental program, “Living on Earth.” Among other topics, Mr. Curwood discusses the little-known history of racial exclusion in the environmental movement, and why people of color should assume a more prominent role in this movement’s future. 
Stay tuned following the interview for highlights from Mr. Curwood’s presentation, “Taking Action - Facing the Challenge of Global Climate Change.”   His lecture was part of the Alworth International Lecture Series and took place in Fall 2014 at the University of Minnesota - Duluth. In this engaging and frank talk, Duluth and Superior WI residents learn why their area will be an important player in the global resource picture, as well as personal steps everyone can take to mitigate climate change.

The program was broadcast on the Wisconsin Public Radio network and produced in the studios of KUWS, Superior WI on January 15, 2015. Listen to the 50-minute program at this link:

Thank you to the Alworth International Institute and KUMD Radio for permission to excerpt the lecture.