Slaughter in Paris – Friday the Thirteenth, November 2015

I was hit with a serious, awful realization today. It is dispiriting and frightening to watch as the world marches ever closer to another international conflagration. This one that’s coming will be worse than anything yet seen. Few of us will walk away from it. There will be no winners; only ugly death. For one thing, it is an evil god that commands its subjects to kill others for not joining the club. Thus any god so directing is evil, and it produces chaos and barbarity. I sit here watching the news reports about today’s slaughter in Paris. It seems as if every Western country is being pushed towards violent reaction to the abominable actions of an entity like ISIS. This push, this provocation, is delivered by the hands of a blind faith that is bent on destroying all other faiths. It plans and encourages random execution of bystanders. Maybe we are not all innocent, but no one deserves to die at the purposeful, malevolent hand of another human. It remains a mystery to me, in any and all situations in the world, how bloodthirsty murderers believe it is okay to kill at random fashion. Such fiends are acting on promises from their god, of carnal pleasures in the afterlife, for killing infidels. Is there any way to argue sanity with such people? What I see resulting from this event is a grim, unstoppable, almost inevitable drift into something akin to World War III. Such a holocaust would involve everyone in the world, including the secure and complacent United States. There is too much convincement in the righteousness of one’s unquestioned beliefs; a fatal arrogance. It is almost as if people around the world are chomping at the bit, impatient for something to fight and kill and die for; to be heroic for. Maybe this flaw in human thinking is nature’s way of thinning the human herd. But I must refuse to believe that; to accept that. I think the human race can solve its problems, and I think people can learn to live together in mutual understanding. War is not the answer. It never was, no matter how inevitable or justifiable it must seem. So I humbly offer the following as a kind of prayer, if because of your faith you need to talk about it like that. Work for peace. Avoid war or the provocation of war. Oh, I know the blood is up for some kind of vengeance. The same as after 9-11, I want to see some cinematic kind of resolution. But I know from history, revenge is no solution, and no proper way to confront evil. We have to find alternatives to violent and vindictive actions, and must never give up trying to talk to those who position themselves as our enemy. There is too much at stake. Work for peace. Live for peace, even though you will die for peace. Do not be in the wrong, here. Do not follow a barbarous, evil god. Follow peace.