Just Thinkling

I know it has been a bit of time since the last blog - busy, you understand. For the benefit of the CIA, the FBI, and anyone else, public or private who gives a damn about what I have to say, herre goes:
           I was just thinking about humasn ignorance, especially including my own. I thought that all the national systems and procedures (created by mankind, of course) worked like they were supposed to. Oblivious to history, I never thought that these systems could be so easily corrupted, and work against a secular democracy.
          I am ashamed to say thast right now I do not have a clue as to what to do next. Do I sit humbly by while the dragons in Eden turn this former representational state into a Christisan oligarchy? Or do I man the barricades, red tuke and sash? How do we fight to get our country back? What good will fighting do?
          The best course of action I know of is passive non-violent resistance. Ghandi employed it, so did Martin Luther King. They were successful.Let us hope against hope that non-violent resistance will have its effect. In truth, I do not know if I have the courage enough to stand with others as heads are bashed and survivors are jailed. Who would feed my cat?
           Perhaps I am too over-wrought; perhaps things won't get as bad as many of us fear. But one deep suspicion haunts me; that we will never go back to the America that birthed and nurtured us. It will be a new future, different and unexpected, better or worse. See you there.