the March Rant

March 26, 2017
(late in getting this aboard)
          With the month of March, it is time to ruminate on some things; things like an amazement at what turns my path has taken in recent months...and years too, I suppose.
          I find I am becoming more serious about the things I do and think; not that I give up my childish fantasy side - but I find my sympathies go more towards a committment to diversity, justice, and the ideas expressed in our Iriquois-derived American constitution.
          This means that I do not feel anything of American Exceptionalism, (whatever the hell THAT is), but rather acknowledge the pastiche of the various strains of the human genome that I may be. Am I all one thing, or do I include (embrace) all the possibilities of what I might be? The answer to that is of course yes indeed. I can see no other way to be.
          Loyal to the White Race? What white race? We all come from Lucy, a short, black hominid in East Africa. There should be no other humans if not for her and her kin. I come from that. So do you. So my loyalty, I am happy to say, again and again, is my tribe. Not black, white, yellow or brown; my tribe is human.
          In this country right now we're dealing with a racist, sexist pig, whose corporate maurauders are running (into the ground) the nation. He has courted misguided hate groups as his populist army; those shotgun-toting, open-carry fanatics that drove the violdence during the Civil Rights days. Right wing Christian Dominionists are basking in his triumph. It just shows that American democracy's interior enemies have not gone away, but may well be ruling the roost.
          You Know Who has tapped into the evil and ugly residue of that backwoods backwards thinking with the expectation that his exclusionist rule will be his legacy. How can we let that happen? How can we let that moron succeed?
          Understand me: the only way to defeat such negative, anti-democratic, anti- American unconstitutional craziness is continued peaceful resistance; as long as his cronies allow us to exercise the rights of free citizens. Things may well change in the future.