Greetings, Amigos! And welcome to my blog site. I am optimistically beginning this as a way to express my thoughts and opinions about things I see going on in the world around me. I plan to include, from time to time, some of the essays I am working on, trying to get reaction to them. In doing so, I will make the following promises to the reader:
          First, I take all responsibility for the articles and statements I publish here. They are my thoughts and opinions alone. I am egotistical enough to believe that my ideas and words matter, so I feel no need to cop them from someone else.
          Second, I will attempt to present my discourse in scholarly and understandable language, but with this caveat: I may desire to lapse into dialect or casual speech. I will try to use a sense of humor, too. In fact, I may at times descend into sheer rant. Be ready for that. Be ready for anything.
          Third, and most importantly, I promise to be as honest as I can. That means that I will try to be fair and balanced when I put forward any controversy or argument, trying to consider the various sides of the issue. But you have to also understand that we all have our prejudices, and certain events and behavior can fill me full of righteous rage, and that may show around the edges. I could just descend into rant.
          I encourage you to respond by writing to the email here. I fully reserve the right, of course, to use your responses as I see fit; either delete, or add to this blog. I may edit what you say, (which means not including everything,) but I will not change your words in what I use, and give you full acknowledgment. 
          I look at this as an exciting on-going conversation, and hope to engage others of you in it. I want to learn from your views too. Let's all enjoy this.
Ray Allard, Feb. 21, 2011