Natural Humans

             Man-made, or natural? Bound up in similar questions, we are neither strangers here, nor interlopers. Not on this Earth. We were not placed here in prepared circumstances to bow down before an arrogant and manipulative god. We are out of the dust, true; but that only means we belong here like every other living thing. We are a naturally occurring phenomena.
             There is no superior plan for humanity, other than the improvisational track that life has been on since its arrival. Each of us is born with our own individual set of potentials and limits. This is the stuff we each use to make a life. We finish up, then, as a mix of chance and choice, with no blueprint or guidebook. We become ourselves, and this is the glory of life. In the words of Joseph Campbell, "the rapture that is associated with being alive is what it's all about."
             This is it: the spirit, the spark of life, the senses or consciousness; the soul. It is called many things, but it is the imperative of life. One consequence in the production of life that we know from our human experience, is that life culminates into beings that are intelligent, that think for themselves; that learn from their own history.
              How far human beings will go is like the universe; a book still to be written. No one can yet say what mankind's limits are, or what our end as a species will be. There is enough evidence that we might very well create our own replacement species. We know we are part of a greater thing. One look, on a moonless night, up into the starry expanse above, will tell you that. The Hubble Space Telescope reinforces that vision most eloquently.
               Our home, this Earth, is one response to the question of purpose. It may not be the best answer, or the most complete, but it's an answer, and as vital as any other. Not only is the Earth here because the circumstances of spinning energy opened up a place for it to be, but those same circumstances more or less required it to be here. Nature tries everything at least once. It tried a you, and a me, so we are here.