This may seem frivolous, but I admit to frivolity at times. I am embarking on a project, the finish of which I do not see yet. This project will satisfy a long desire to do something about this topic. I am planning to write a long essay (perhaps an illustrated book) about the value for each person, adult or child, of play. I am primarily concerned with the use of toys (as opposed to video games,) of both the self-constructed or the store-bought kind.
           I think of play, especially, as more than simple childhood amusement. It leads to creative thinking, problem-solving, and other sorts of understanding. Of course it is therapeutic and calming; even meditative. But mostly it's fun.
           What I would like to solicit from anyone reading this is your opinion about play, or suggestions of things for me to look at, or anecdotes of play from your own life, or that of someone you know. Tell about how you or they played, what was played with, and the effect of that play on yourself. This is meant to be a serious study, out of which I hope to draw interesting conclusions.
           As this is a serious work, I will credit any contributions from you that I receive.